This is Margarida, the elopement and wedding photographer behind Maria Flor

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The one behind the camera

Who I am

I’m an artist based in Porto, Portugal. I’m an elopement and wedding photographer and it’s behind the camera is where I feel fulfilled and happy! When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me making pottery or baking cakes. I have a sweet tooth and I’m hooked on ice cream. I love a good book or a good movie, especially in a movie theatre. I love traveling, finding out about the day-to-day life of the places I visit and discovering the art that exists in them.

I love my family and friends! I love to be with the people I love and surprise them. I love the sea because it reminds me of my father and of all the times we played in the water. 

All about

My family. My friends. The sea. Ice-creams. Flowers. Vintage albums. Notebooks. Interior design. Making pottery. Baking cakes. Chocolate. Oporto. Going to the cinema. Travel. Art. Monet. Museums. Cool stores. Nice coffee shops. Berlin photomatons. Sweet popcorn. Cinema Paradiso. Books. Alentejo. Zero 7’s Somersault. Banda do mar. Cuddles. Surprises. Poetry. Road trips. Falling asleep on trips. Friends (serie). Destiny Child. Wings of Desire. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (album). Summer nights. Semba. Brunches. Sunset Boulevard. Saul Leiter. Anastasia (animated film). Vinyls. Breakfast. Pancakes.

How I started

Art has always been part of who I am. I remember when I was little, I always stood out from other kids when it came to drawing. I grew up and that ability ceased, but the way that I looked at things and my imagination did not, and eventually, I started applying it to my photography and video. During my adolescence, I joined the Photography Club in my school. This was my first contact with photography. Back then, I did analogue photography. Digital cameras were not easily available. I also developed my own photographs at the time. The darkroom was a fascination for me! Waiting to see the image that I had captured appear before my eyes was a thrill. Photography was leaving its mark on me, and although in high school I considered going into architecture, I’m glad I didn’t, because nothing beats the love I have for images and the opportunity to capture some of the most special moments of the life of my couples as an elopement and wedding photographer.

My Why

Nothing lasts, and what remains are just our memories and a couple of photos and videos that we capture and that we keep. This is the main reason I love photography and video. It’s in them that we keep our memories alive. It’s with photography and video that we give added color to those moments we love that we don’t want to forget, together with those we love. I love to be the one that gives you that, putting into the images all the emotions and connections between you and the people you love.

Modern bridal photoshoot by Maria Flor
bridal photoshoot by Maria Flor wedding photographer
modern photography by Maria Flor
Couple portrait by Maria Flor

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