Modern Bride: Say Yes to the [Non-Traditional] Dress

Are you a modern bride looking for a different kind of wedding dress? 

We all know weddings are full of traditions. From the ceremony itself, to the bouquet toss, the bachelorette party… and, of course, the wedding dress! As more and more couples embrace the concept of personalization and individuality in their weddings, modern brides are also breaking free from tradition. The conventional wedding dresses are losing some space  for more unconventional outfits that reflect their unique personality and styles.

There’s always a huge pressure about the wedding dress, even when you’re planning a smaller wedding or an elopement. And while some always dreamt about the white princess dress, others believe this kind of traditional dress doesn’t quite fit their taste… 

Nowadays a modern bride can find endless choices. Why not replace the traditional dress for one that can enhance your body? Maybe a more practical and/or sexier dress. Or maybe even choose a jumpsuit instead of a dress! There’re so many different options and you shouldn’t really feel tied up to what is traditional or expected. Forget what other people think or expect, this is your day and it’s you who make the rules!

If there’s something I really believe is that a wedding should always be planned in the couple’s image, matching their personality and taste. The wedding dress shouldn’t be any different. If this is one of the most special moments of your life, you should wear something that makes you feel confident, beautiful and, above all, like yourself. If the princess dress doesn’t make it for you, it’s time to look for different options. 

To help you and give you some inspiration for this difficult choice, I’ve put together some of my favourite options for dresses that are beyond the traditional ones, perfect for a modern bride. So, are you ready to say yes to the unconventional dress? 

Unconventional Dresses for a Modern Bride

Dresses for a Modern Bride On a Budget

If you’re a modern bride on a budget, don’t worry. I’ve got your back! 

What do you think of my choices? I know I’ve already said it before, but I really believe weddings should always be the perfect fit for the couple’s personality. So, if you’re a modern bride, don’t be ashamed to follow your own rules and choose a different wedding dress. And, if you’re a traditional one and always dreamt about the huge white dress, just go for it! The choice should always be yours!

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