Clutches: The Unexpected – and Trendy – Accessory for Modern Brides

Hey modern brides! Have you ever thought about clutches as wedding accessories?

When getting married, usually the wedding dress is the most important part of the bride’s outfit. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little extra with some accessories. Most brides think about earrings, maybe a bracelet or a necklace. Some prefer to focus on the hair accessories like hair clips or a headband. But have you ever considered having a clutch or a small bag as a wedding accessory? 

I think we all have quite a special relationship with purses. Most of us think about this (not so) small detail every time we’re planning an outfit. Some of us as little girls dreamt about buying our first luxury handbag. And, even if you’re a very practical person that couldn’t care less about this kind of thing, I almost can bet you take a bag with you every time you leave the house. Am I right?

However, and despite this close connection between us and bags, when it comes to bridal accessories, clutches often get overlooked. But this reality is changing and more and more modern brides are betting on this accessory for their wedding day.

The bridal clutch or bag can be the perfect finishing touch to a bride’s ensemble, providing both style and functionality. Let me share with you some reasons for you to consider a clutch or handbag as a complement for your wedding look.

Reasons to wear a bridal clutch on your wedding day

#1. It’s a practical accessory

A clutch is an excellent way to carry all of the essentials that a bride may need during this day. From touch-up makeup to tissues, this small handbag is a stylish and convenient way to keep everything at hand.

#2. You can use it as a statement piece

This topic is specially dedicated to modern brides and grooms (why not?!). While most people just focus the entire outfit on the wedding dress, you can choose a more clean and simple dress and give it a touch of style with a clutch. You can use it to add a pop of colour to the look or even to make it more daring with a unique design that reflects your personality and sense of style. 

#3. It’s a versatile accessory

Unlike most of the other wedding accessories, like the veil or hair clips, which may only be worn once on the wedding day, a clutch is a very versatile accessory. Even after your special day, you can keep using it again and again on other special occasions. 

7 Clutches and Small Bags for Modern Brides

Lovely choices, don’t you think? Clutches and small handbags are such incredible accessories for modern brides! They can really give a wedding look that special – and bold – touch.

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